Food Policy Programme

Overweight and Obesity are one of the top leading issues that have life-threatening health repercussions. It is estimated that 62% individuals that live in urban developing countries suffer from obesity and obesity/overweight complications.

South Africa is deemed the most obese nation in the sub-Saharan Africa. The increase consumption of highly refined and processed foods high in fat, sugar and salt and sugar sweetened beverage are one of the leading causes of rising obesity levels – making South African individuals the top 10 consumers of sugary beverages.

The fast-paced environment and aggressive marketing strategies by unhealthy food and beverage companies which are widespread in South Africa cause difficulty for consumers to avoid unhealthy eating. Poorer communities consume energy dense and filling foods that have no nutritional value making them a target market to the unhealthy food and beverage marketing strategies due to inadequate income and education levels. Due to the increasing levels of obesity, this puts the healthcare system at strain.

CCI with the Healthy Living Alliance (HEALA) partnership are working with its alliance partners  –to support a Mass Media Campaign to raise the public’s awareness of the harms of excessive consumption of unhealthy foods and the most effective policy-related solutions to the problem. The campaigns illuminate the role that industry plays in making unhealthy foods widely accessible in communities and amplifies the voices of individuals, particularly those at risk of developing obesity and associated NCDs, to demand policies that will make the food system more conducive for healthier diets.

Our Mass Media Campaign (MMC) overall goal is to empower all those who live in South Africa to make healthy food and lifestyle choices to prevent non-communicable diseases.

Increase The Health Promotion Levy To 20%

We are working  with Heala partners to develop a series of mass media campaigns to help increase public awareness on the health harms of sugary drinks and to encourage policymakers and the public for the increase the promotion levy . Along these lines , we worked with partners to launch a  new television advertisement to increase public support for a health promotion levy (sugary drinks tax) of 20%

A health promotion levy of 20% in the long-term could reduce sugar consumption, saving lives both from non-communicable diseases but also Covid-19 as many scientists expect the virus to remain with us in the foreseeable future.


Are You Drinking Yourself Sick?

How do sugary drinks effect you and your family? The average 500ml bottle of sugary drink contains 10 teaspoons of sugar, and can have devastating and long term health impacts. Don’t drink yourself sick.


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