Led by Centre for Communication Impact (CCI) and run by community partners, Woza Asibonisane!

is a programme working with communities and people living in informal settlements and other hard-to-reach places in South Africa. The programme aims to reduce HIV infections and violence against girls and women by linking community members to evidence-based interventions, services, and care.

The programme model is built on encouraging dialogue, reflection and action at community level to address and find solutions to decreasing HIV infections and gender-related challenges.

The programme also focuses on building capacity for community partners, providing strategic communication and information to promote appropriate localised solutions to HIV and gender-related issues, and increasing the demand for health services.

The Woza Asibonisane! programme has five different activity areas:

Each activity provides information and a space for community members to talk about the issues that affect them, to collectively find solutions to these challenges, and links these participants with local services. Together, the Woza Asibonisane! programme provides a comprehensive collection of services to communities.

Woza Asibonisane! Partners and Districts