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What to do after an HIV + diagnoses

It is not easy to receive the news that you are HIV positive, but there is no reason to despair. Millions of South Africans with HIV are living active, healthy lives, taking free ARV treatment. If you do not feel ready to disclose to your family or your partner, find a support group or person to talk to Here is a list of organisations that can help. Don't carry this burden on your own.

Disclosure: Many people find it very difficult to disclose, because they fear that they will be rejected or suffer bad treatment. If you are in this position, try and find a local support group, priest or HIV + volunteer in your community to help you prepare for this. Many people who were expecting a bad response from their families have been surprised by the support that they received.

Treatment: It is very important that you go to your local treatment centre as soon as you are diagnosed. The health workers will assess whether or not you should start ARVs, and give you advice on healthy living. You can find some health tips here.