Centre for Communication Impact

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CCI develops and implements high profile HIV prevention, care and support and treatment campaigns with clear objectives and outcomes aimed at promoting or reinforcing positive behaviours that address the behaviours attitudes, social norms and values.

Our campaigns combine mass media and interpersonal communication approaches. The campaigns are identified through the creation of a powerful brand that is promoted as part of the mass media interventions that enables the audience to position the campaign within their minds as a credible source of information.

The mass media (radio, television, print, outdoor media and social media) provides an opportunity for CCI to promote messages on a national scale through free to air channels.
The interpersonal communication activities include undertaking community events, working with peer educators, community workers and in-clinic facilitators who are provided with tools to help them facilitate interpersonal dialogues with people where they congregate or through door-to-door activities.

Brothers for life

Launched in 2009, Brothers for Life is a social movement of men that promotes positive male norms and encourages the uptake of health services. Through the use of multi media platforms and community events the campaign mobilises men to actively engage in activities to address Gender-Based Violence and HIV prevention in their communities. Campaign resources can be found here (Downloads). For more info click HERE


Zazi was launched in 2013 as concerted effort between the National Departments of Health and Social with and civil society partners. Zazi, which means 'know yourself' celebrates the strength of South African women. It promotes self confidence amongst women so that they can make positive choices for their future. It encourages young women to resist peer pressure and define their own values so that they can prevent unwanted pregnancies, have a safe pregnancy and healthy baby when they choose to fall pregnant ,and have healthy and happy relationships. Find Zazi resources here (Downloads)

We beat TB

We beat TB

'We Beat TB' is a national campaign supportec by USAID TB CARE II South Africa Project. It aims to improve health-seeking behaviour among South African communities by increasing knowledge of TB and TB/HIV prevention and encouraging early presentation for diagnosis and treatment, and treatment adherence.
The campaign impacts on individuals and communiities by bulding partnershps to raise awareness and create demand for TB serviceses. The campaign uses mass media, interpersonal community and community mobilisation communication for participatory development approach, developed by the Centre for Communication Impact (CCI), that draws on multiple levels of interventions to impact on the individual and the community by building partnerships to raise awareness and create demand for TB services. The strategy incorporates various types of communication programming, including mass media, interpersonal communication, community mobilization, and advocacy.


Scrutinize Scrutinize was a public health campaign which combined mass media t with interpersonal communication carried out by a network of CCI community partnersd throughout South Africa. Scrutinize encouraged young people (16 - 24) to "scrutinize" their risk of HIV infection in relation to multiple concurrent partners, correct and consistent condom use, transactional sex, intergenerational sex and alcohol use. The Scrutinize campaign centred on a range of fast paced, information-packed, straight-talking animated adverts (animerts) straight off the city streets.The appearance of the first of these animerts on television screens in 2008 - 2011 marked a fundamental shift in the language of HIV communication in South Africa. A detailed examination of the pattern of HIV infection in South Africa and the behaviours that drive or curtail the epidemic was undertaken to inform Scrutinize. A summary of relevant information is reproduced here for easy reference. For More info visit Scrutinize


Intersexions was a television series designed to curtail the spread of HIV. It was a hard-hitting, orginal drama that focussed on the on the complexities of sexual relationships and how individuals unwittingly become part of the sexual network that enables HIV transmission. Two 26 part seasons of the drama were produced in collaboration with SABC Education and Quzzical Pictures. Intersexions was accompanied by interactive indigenous language radio shows and (even more interactive) social media platforms that enabled ongoing discussions and engagement. Intersexions was a critical success winning local and international awards. Over 17 million watched the series and was broadcast in East Africa and the United States of America. For more information visit Intersexions. You can download the Intersexions seasons here youtube

4Play:Sex Tips For Girls

4Play:Sex Tips For Girls

4Play: Sex Tips for Girls is a television drama series broadcast on e TV between 2010 - 2013. This three season series follows the lives of four thirty-something Johannesburg professional women as they navigate sex, love and relationships in a contemporary, honest and often funny way potrayingportraying modern-day lifestyles in a sharply perceptive, distinctly adult and highly entertaining way. For more info: Visit 4play: Sex Tips for Girls