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Joe Public the creative brains behind the Brothers for Life Campaign last night was awarded a Global Health Award in the category Consumer Social Commitment. Now in their eighteenth year, The Global Awards® are recognized as the only awards dedicated to excellence in healthcare communications on an international basis. “We are deeply honoured by this award because it is undoubtedly the noblest... continue reading
Community Media Trust’s Outreach team regularly holds open day awareness events in communities to provide access to essential health information and clinic services, emphasizing HIV Counselling and Testing (HCT).For two days prior to the event, the team conducts door-to-door visits in the local neighbourhood to provide health education, distribute information pamphlets and condoms, and advertise... continue reading
 Transport to the Rally - See Bus Pick-up Points For more info: visit
"I WILL never beat a woman again!  "You don't need to use force to a woman for her to understand you. Inflicting pain on a woman you claim to love makes you a lesser man - it actually destroys you."
New MMC Campaign calls on South African men and boys to "ZING"
  Download [high quality] | Download [low quality] Cindy Pivacic, 56. Her partner infected her whilst he was aware of his HIV status. "It took me six years to actually go public about my status.  Rejection, that I think is probably the greatest fear that you are going to be rejected, however, after the six years I decided well you know what, if people don't want to be around me... continue reading
Imagine a world free of HIV in our lifetime? That's why the AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition (AVAC) exists.  AVAC is a global HIV prevention advocacy programme that was started in New York about 20 years ago. Its mission is to mobilise world leaders to implement prevention strategies for their respective countries. They advocate for prevention and treatment vaccines designed for people who... continue reading