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Kagiso Modupe shines in new television campaign for Medical Circumcision

Monday 19th June 2017: Following the success of his own medical circumcision and circumcision campaign in March this year, Kagiso Modupe is now the face of a new Brothers for Life circumcision campaign that goes live on Monday 19th June.

Modupe (34) is a well-known television star and Brothers for Life ambassador. He got medically circumcised and more than 5000 men followed suit in a nation-wide campaign that ran from February - April 2017. He now he wants even more men to undergo the procedure for the sake of their own health as well as their loved ones.

"The support has been amazing, a lot of my friends have also gotten circumcised as well and people at work were surprised that I came back so soon. People on the street ask me if I'm healed and how it felt, it's been really good so far. " says Kagiso.

Building on the momentum and support the new TV advert seeks to get more men to circumcise by showing the benefits and that that other men are also doing the procedure.

Speaking on set of the TV advert that was directed by award winning Thabang Moleya, Kagiso reflects: "I'm so glad I can carry on speaking to men after my own circumcision. I feel like I know so much more now that I've gone through the process. I can speak from experience. The fact that the ad is set in a barber shop is spot on because this is where we as men are able to open up about a lot of things including very personal issues "

The campaign will feature a TV advert, billboards, commuter TV, taxi wraps, social media and roadshows funded by the united States Agency for International Development ( USAID Southern Africa) in an effort to reach as many men and their partners as possible.

Medical circumcision is a central plank of South Africa's HIV prevention policy. The National Department of Health aims to have 4, 3 million men circumcised by the end of 2017. Medical circumcision benefits both men and women. It reduces the risk of infection and transmission of all sexually transmitted diseases as well as cervical, anal and prostate cancer.

Dr Khumbulani Moyo, Medical Male Circumcision Manager at the USAID-funded Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision consortium consisting of partners Right to Care, CHAPS and SACTWU says: "Kagiso has helped open a conversation about a subject that many men and their partners find difficult to talk about. He has taken the taboo out of the conversation, and shown great leadership and compassion "

Medical circumcision is a standard procedure that removes the foreskin, which contributes to risk reduction. The procedure is quick, safe and free, with proven benefits.

To book an appointment for the free procedure, send a 'please call me' to 082 808 6152. There are many clinics across the country that offer the service to men and boys over the age of 10.

Kagiso concludes: " I look forward to meeting men and talking to them about the benefits of circumcision. I'm really proud of this advert and hope it will change peoples lives "